Fire Ant Warning Maps 11 – 15

The National Fire Ant Program Website describes the dangers of Fire Ants in South East Queensland, the area traversed by NT Section 6. Camping on Fire Ant infested ground  is a very painful experience and upsetting for animals. The Trail, North to South, from Mt Sylvia to Lake Moogerah Road south …

Conversion of Guidebook to Section Maps with GPS Tracklines

We have now commenced release of our National Trail maps. The maps are each in a zip file containing a range of viewing options. The zip file contains both an A3-sized printable PDF map and a larger-scale A3-sized PDF chart, which places the map in context. The other four files allow the Trail’s trackline to be uploaded to the Avenza app or specific brands of GPS devices. Refer to your brand of GPS as to which file is appropriate to upload. Whatever you choose, you can always print the PDF map and chart (both designed to be printed at A3 size).

Accordingly, this guidebook is now no longer maintained.  Instead, this page will in the future show updates to the Section Maps.