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Section Eleven – Yarralumla to Tom Groggin


Here the Trail crosses the vast alpine playground of Kosciusko National Park, the land of mountain horsemen, wildflowers and snow gums. The Trail skirts wilderness areas and uses roads and trails once constructed for the Snowy Mountains Scheme.


Challenging. The more remote areas are recommended for competent, fit travellers and the going is often steep. This section should not be travelled alone.


Cool temperate – mild, warm summer, cold winter. Snow is a possibility at any time, and the change in the weather can be very rapid and dramatic. Even in summer you should be prepared for both extremes of temperature, including severe heatwaves when it is too hot for trekking. For days on end it is not unusual to be in shorts at lunchtime and wrapped in everything you have after dark.

This part of the Trail is closed by snow in winter, and snowfalls can occur even in summer. Ski tourers will enjoy the Trail in winter, for others the best time is October to April.

Special fire precautions apply January to March.


Rugged and remote, with long steep climbs. Travellers should not underestimate how tough this section is, both on themselves and pack animals.


Topographic maps should be obtained . Use of a compass is necessary. Unexpected detours may be required.


Availability decreases as the dry summer progresses. Expect difficulty finding water in some areas, especially later in summer.

Planning Considerations

There are no sources of provisions between Khancoban and Omeo. Parts of this section are closed over winter from 15 June to 31 October. This section is not pleasant in winter so plan for trips from November through mid-April. Water and grass availability decrease as summer progresses.

TSR Permits

Parts of this section follows travelling stock reserves (TSR). Campsites on TSRs require Permits for overnight stays. See the Trek Planning for more information.

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