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Section Four – Mt Morgan to Biggenden


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Much of this section is through rugged, often dry terrain but the hardships are richly rewarded. After leaving the National Trust classified town of Mt. Morgan, the Trail follows the Don River to its head in the Calliope Ranges, past Biloela and into the seemingly impenetrable wilderness of the Kroombit Tops. Rainforest and rare native fauna occupy the massive gorges. Beyond Monto the terrain eases as the Trail follows roads and tracks to Mt. Perry then through the Goodnight Scrub to the Burnett River, a favourite of canoeists.




Subtropical, with a warm humid summer. This agreeable climate allows year-round enjoyment.


Varies from easy well-watered country to parts which should only be tackled by fit and experienced trekkers. Not much is suitable for mountain bikes or horsedrawn vehicles.


Guidebook plus map and compass


Shortage can be a seasonal problem – seek local information. Route passes permanent water at least once each day.


Summer temperatures in mid to high thirties with warm nights. Winter days typically dry and sunny around 20 degrees C, but nights can be frosty. Early winter is probably the best time to travel. Most rainfall is between December and March, when flooded creeks may close parts of the route. Travel at night, or break camp early and avoid travel during the heat of the early afternoon.

Planning Considerations

Grass and water are usually abundant enough in the first half of the year, but become scarcer as the year progresses. Availability after August depends on more rain. Shorter treks are feasible in this section


Cyclists using the Trail can access the Trail with public transport at Kabra, Bouldercombe and Mt Morgan. Some sections are best detoured. In some places, care is needed with loaded bikes.

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