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Trekker Form Test

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    “TRF and TSR” Forms are to be submitted between 4 weeks and one week of commencing your trek.

    Before going on a trek on the National Trail, please let us know your intentions with the form below:

    Trekker Registration Form

    Your Details

    First Name:

    Last Name:

    Your email:

    Your Phone:

    Emergency Contact

    Emergency contact:

    Emergency number:

    Emergency email:

    Travel details

    Proposed start date:

    Expected days on trail:

    Direction of Travel:
    Mode of travel:
    Number of animals:
    Start point:     Map:     Departure Town:
    Finish point:     Map:     Finish Town:

    Are you trekking in a Group:

    If so, how many:

    Names and approx ages of group members:

    Are all members in your trekking group current members:

    Are you carrying guidebooks, maps:

    Will you carry a locator beacon or spot tracking device:

    Will you abide by the Trekking Code:

    Have you contacted the Section Coordinator/s for the section/s you are trekking:

    Any other comments: